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Add 3D mouse support to PreForm


A lot of people that are using 3D CAD software are using some kind of a 3D mouse to make navigation in the different axes a lot easier (nobody likes Carpal tunnel). I think the ones from 3DConnexion are the most popular, so it seems to make sense to include hardware support in PreForm.

SDK information is available here, it seems pretty straight forward:


Great idea Joris. I use a SpacePilot daily and would love it to function in PreForm.


Me three.


Why not be cutting edge too and add support?


One step even further to be the ULTRA cool cutting edge would be to not only supporting the But also the   Just imagine it you could see your build in 3D and rotate and adjust it with your hands at the same time.  Both those companies devices are on their cutting edge and have huge support gained through their kickstarter.



+1 for 3dconnexion support


another +1 for 3dconnexion support.  One of my only gripes with PreForm right now is the awkward view orientation controls.  Being able to use my Space Navigator would fix that


+1000 for 3Dconnexion support! Maybe for PreForm 0.9.1…  Can’t wait to receive my printer in BC, Canada!


Add my vote for 3dconnexion support! It’s a true arm saver.


Agreed, this would be very nice.


Yes, SpaceNavigator!


We actually have a Leap Motion here in house…maybe we will experiment…

A little Iron Man computer action can’t hurt. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!


+1 for the 3Dconnexion driver interface. Going back from a 3D mouse to a normal mouse operation sucks big time.


How’s the experimentation with the 3d connexion space mice going? (e.g. please don’t space [get it] it out)



Yes SpaceNavigator please.


Agree that PreForm needs to work with 3D connexion. I go to use it nearly every time I’m in PreForm and then remember it doesn’t work…Have to hold Ctrl and use my track ball to see what I want to see.

"Show only selected" mode in main view (or slicer view in edit selected supports)

PreForm is not editor. But why need 3d mouse?


If you don’t have one let’s compare it to a touchscreen. Life before the touchscreen on a phone meant scrolling up and down to highlight your choice and then pressing enter. It worked and I was happy, but then the touchscreen was invented and anything else was just frustrating.


Let’s avoid the Leap Motion mess. It’s kinda cool, but it’s not a tool. Their next product might be better, but at the moment it’s more show than go. From a marketing standpoint you might be better off supporting the Leap Motion, but if you want to give your users something that will actually help them the Space Mouse would be a better choice, IMO.