Automatic Model Spin for inspection purposes?

I’m sure there are fair more important things to concentrate on in PreForm … but:

  1. Have a simple button in the PreForm interface which allows a model to be rotated in a free spin cycle of a certain speed and duration that stops back it’s origin once complete. This could be used to more easily view a model and supports around the model before the printing process begins.

If it’s confusing to have the real model do it, then possibly create separate mini “HUD” area that users can view?

  1. Alternatively, work with Connexion to possible incorporate 3dconnexion 3dmouse support into PreForm. <- probably more work than reward, but I do enjoy their 3D mouse for inspection purposes in CAD prior to importing into PreForm and other packages. It’s pretty slick for certain kinds of very intricate models, which makes me think of some possible formlabs/3dconnexion functionality.

-sj (warmkomodo)