PreForm Views

If this has been discussed already, I apologize. But, one thing that would be absolutely useful is to be able to see the build table as it actually works in reality. Right now you can view it upside down requiring your brain to flip it mentally and try to think if there are cups forming, etc. Yes, I know the program can show cupping, minima by highlighting things but if you could rotate the build table just like it hangs in the printer it would be so much more useful. Right now you have to transpose things in your mind which can be difficult on highly complex parts!

If you could rotate the view 360 deg and spin it on axis it would make it easer to visualize the best way to orient and support your work. Like in this image:


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I think there is some merit to this suggestion. Having a button to toggle between the Preform standard reference frame to “printer reference frame” would be nice.

Definitely a neat idea! I’d be happy to pass it along. :slight_smile:

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Can’t you do that by now holding down a keyboard modifier key and rotating the view with the mouse?

Not to my knowledge. The most you can do is hold down control and rotate the view to this:

Oh I see. There’s a hard stop at -180 degrees so that you can’t rotate it further. They should get rid of that.

I think its a good idea.