PreForm Software Update

I haven’t used my Form2 for several more than year. I updated the firmware and I have updated PreForm to 2.7.0. I keep getting the following error… Your version of PreForm (2.7.0) and firmware (rc-1.10.4-49) are not compatible. In order to print you will need to update PreForm. Click the button below to being downloading a compatible PreForm (PreForm 2.7.0).

At a loss for how to proceed, it recognizes the software is up to date, but refuses to send the print because it thinks the software needs to be updated.

Why did you choose 2.7.0? That’s more than a year and a half old at this point. We could probably find firmware which is compatible with that, but it’d certainly be simpler if to go with two more recent versions.

I didn’t make any choices, just clicke through the up-to-date prompts. What is the current version?

We just release 2.16.0. You can get it here:

Release notes for all versions are here:

I wonder why it recommended 2.7.0. You don’t remember what the old version was, do you?

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