PreForm Mac zoom (+/–) keyboard shortcut issue

I’m using a MacBook with the standard touch pad. Occasionally I use a mouse with a scroll wheel, which makes this a non-issue, but more often than not, I don’t use an external mouse. I would expect that I could use the standard “pinch” zoom feature on the MacBook touchpad to zoom in and out, but it doesn’t work that way (it should :slight_smile: ).

So I went to the menu to see what the keyboard shortcuts were…easy enough…the Zoom In is a plus, and Zoom Out is a minus. To access the minus, you just press the minus key. To access the plus, you have to press the Shift key to access the plus. Could you change this to just require the user to press the minus and equal keys without any modifiers?

And thank you guys so much for making the slicer slider Mac-friendly with non-cryptic keyboard shortcut modifiers…there is is, our happy little ⌘ key…responsive as always…why we love Formlabs!