Preform 3.31.0

When I am in EDIT SUPPORTS I like to use arrows (keyboard) to navigate trough layers, but now if I rotate the camera (mouse) the keyboard’s arrows change to rotation instead of remaining in layer bar

This is making very frustating to edit my supports because I have to change my keyboard between rotation and layer bar every time I rotate the model

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I’ve noticed this too and would like it to revert back to how it worked in previous versions.

Submit a support ticket?

Hi all,

Thanks for getting in touch! Another way to share this would be via Help → Give Feedback in PreForm. I appreciate the suggestion, and I can see how navigating through layers via keyboard would be convenient when editing supports.

Hi, can you try PgUp/Down and Shift-PgUp/PgDown?


Thanks a lot!

That works perfectly, since beginning I was used to using the arrows

To From Labs: you should know your software better, seriously, not even Support told me this keyboard shortcut.


Whoa great tip! I’ll have to try this :grimacing:

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