Preform 3.20 Edit Supports Bug

I’ve noticed that during Edit Supports (placing custom support points), if you edit your touch point size it locks your text cursor to the textbox. Meaning your keyboard will not work outside of this box while in Preform.
This is mildly annoying when I go to delete multiple support points (by dragging a box then pressing delete). The Delete key doesn’t work on the points but instead the text box, deleting the text.
The only ways I’ve found to get around this is to apply my changes then go back into edit supports or click the little info icon next to “touchpoint size”.
Pressing enter, or trying to click out in space in Preform doesn’t work.

That only happens to me if I click the test box when I want to change the touch point size (on new or existing ones). Once I do it it doesn’t go away until I apply / discard the changes and edit again. It doesn’t happen to me as you say, only when I click the text box. Mac version, though.

Same thing happens on the orientation tab after you enter some values. Then you can’t use the keyboard to copy / paste, delete, etc, until you switch to another tab.

Rather annoying but it has been the same forever in my case so I learned to “accept” it without giving it too much thought as several other annoying things.

I get this with every text box in PreForm. It’s super annoying. And has been in every version of PreForm I’ve used.

The type of printing I do often requires 90° rotations, and the only way to do that is with the rotation text boxes. It’s particularly annoying, beccause I often do batch prints which means copy/pasting models a lot of times, and I can’t copy/paste after clicking on a text box.

I’ve found the only way to get control of the cursor back is to close the popup window the text box is in.

It’s one of several seemingly deliberate features in PreForm that just make me as “why?”

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