Preform bug: mouse pointer position


I have a problem in preform that the position of the mouse pointer that preform recognizes is different from the place where it actually is. This is specially clear when click-dragging to make a selection box and you can see that the tip of the pointer is not on the tip of the selection (see pic below).
This is obviously very annoying to perform any command in preform, because I now have to constantly guess where preform is placing the pointer in relation to its actual location and click there (it took me about 10 minutes to close the dialogue box explaining the new features in the software update). Even worse, the offset does not seem to be consistent throughout the software, and the correction needed is not always the same.

I have encountered this error on multiple (PC) machines.

Did you try restarting your computer? Reason I ask this is I’ve this same issue but it was the computer/mouse issue not a program issue. Give it a try and if it still happens then maybe it is Preform.

I have had this issue ever since I have had preform installed on my computer, and I had the same issue on another device as well (and it did not go away when restarting)

Hmm, there was a recent graphics driver bug that caused anomalies like this. What PC specs are you running? Manually updating graphics and chipset drivers has helped to correct this for a number of users.

I’ve just tested this on multiple devices and I found that my colleague who runs a nearly identical system as I do has the same issue, but other computers in our group (an older PC and an oldish Mac) do not. So it seems to have to do with our system specifically somehow.

I am running a Windows 10 Dell XPS15 laptop
Intel Core i7-6700HQ / 2.6Ghz
Dual graphics cards: NVIDEA GeForce GTX 960M + Intel HD 530
Note that the problem exists on both primary (integrated) and external screens.
Anything else relevant for this?

All drivers are up to date.

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