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Match mouse controls in Preform to Solidworks

In Solidworks: Orbit = MMB click+hold, Pan = CTRL + MMB drag, Zoom In = -MMB, Zoom out = +MMB
In PreForm: Orbit = Right Click+hold, Pan = MMB click+drag, Zoom In = +MMB, Zoom Out = -MMB

Please make these the same. Its frustrating swapping between the two when switching between programs.

OR at the very least allow us to customize key bindings.


I wish this could be done to every slicer not just Preform! Although I don’t think Formlabs would change all of the controls after many others have adapted to the controls now. But yes, I do agree that at the very least they can add in a settings menu for you to change key bindings. I switch between 3 different slicers for my different printers along with Solidworks so yes, it’s quite annoying to remember how to use each one.

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