Preform Controls -- How to Pan?

I am using PreForm on a Mac. I can zoom and rotate with the touchpad, but I have not figured out how to pan. Can’t find anything on these type of controls in the documentation. Am I missing something obvious?

Great question!

The only way I saw was to zoom out, position your cursor over the area of interest, and then zoom back in.

I hope there is a better way.

I got it! Hold down shift and control, and then drag your mouse.

I couldn’t find it in the Keyboard Shortcuts section, which contains a lot of goodies.

Is it there and I am looking right past it like a can of tomato soup that is right in front of me in a supermarket isle?

Oops I didn’t realise that the ^ symbolizes the control key, so a working Pan command is in the Keyboard Shortcuts located in in the Help menu.

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Ah! That does it! I thought I had tried all the combinations. Control Rotates, Shift-Control Pans.