Preform improvement proposal

  1. to be able to move in the layers step by step with the mouse wheel to better observe the places of contact with the supports. the sliders is too coarse for that

  2. be able to adjust a variable filling of objects (as in CURA) and thickness so that it remains solid. There will remain liquid traces of resin in the objects, but that should not disturb

  1. Page Up & Page Down

  2. Bad idea. Uncured resin will make the print crack in time, and any crack will create a mess of uncured resin on and around the part. Also what would be the point if resin is still trapped inside ? you won’t even save resin.
    if the goal is to save resin or weight then hollowing the part and adding a drain/vent hole is the way to go, meshmixer is a free tool allowing to do just that.



But I have to say, that there is already a cool idea from materialise: their software can hollow prints and will automatically place two holes around the body for draining the object after the print. For those two holes, it will create tiny caps, that fit perfectly in place and print them at the same job. This would be a very “Pro-feature” but really nice to have.


Very interesting idea! Would be worth a separate thread, I think.

What I am wondering is how the caps stay in the holes - do they snap in place? Are they flush with the object surface afterwards, or do they protrude?

The caps have some small clips to snap them in. Afterwards they’re using resin to fill the gaps and cure the finished piece like you will have to do with every other print.

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