Keeping a hollow model filled with uncured resin --> Avoid warping


I do not have enough tests and experiments to validate this idea but you might do.

Warping can be a big problem when a model’s accurate geometry is needed.
Due to the layers releasing some tensions while curing, it happens that the model warps.

To avoid this problem, the idea is to print a hollow model that will keep the uncured resin inside its inner volume.
After printing, the uncured resin is set by post-curing process in a UV oven. So the homogenous resin contained inside the cavities is cured without any tension and reinforces the printed parts.

It might also result in a faster printing process.

What do you think of this idea, have you already tested it?

Thanks for your answers!

Not a good idea. If something should cause a leak you would not only have a real mess but also a toxic mess. Health issues never mind the legal implications.

Basically a shell design with no vent holes to drain the resin inside a part will be printed solid. I do this all the time. No reason to have liquid resin inside a piece at all.

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If your using IPA that would be the cause of warping so just keep the supports on and remove them after post cure. This should stabilize the model.
OR go waterbase cleanup.
Walter is correct that is not a good idea keeping the model filled with raw resin.

First of all, with a hollow model, I don’t think it would be possible to trap enough resin to keep it “filled” You might be able to trap some, but not a lot, simply because. it drains out as the model is being lifted out of the vat after each layer. If you truly want to try what you’re talking about, you’ll probably have to have a a hole somewhere on your model, so you can fill the raw resin into.

It’s also a good idea to have at least one hole per cavity, not as a drain, but as a vent, because a cavity without a vent will generate enough vacuum between the part and the PDMS layer to make it a problem for the peel process to do it’s job.


Thanks for your answers, I understand your opinions, I’ll check the water base cleanup method :slight_smile: