Creating hollow parts and semi-hollow parts


I would love to see a feature that can shell a part (option of shell thickness), automatically generate an internal support structure (option for density and possibly internal structure geometry), then finally allow for semi automatic placement of resin exit holes and air entry holes (automatically oriented and sized for optimal part quality). This would make the printer more affordable for some people who don’t need fully solid parts.


I was going to make a new topic on this matter but since it’s already been brought up the i’ll bump this up.

It would be highly beneficial if we could get this kind of feature within PreForm. Having to work through meshmixer and then to PreForm really slows done the workflow. Being able to optimize the way prints are hollowed per resin type for best printing compatibility within PreForm will allow for more time printing and making and less time fighting with Meshmixer to get the desired results.

Additionally, if it were within PreForm it could better suggest vent holes based on the print orientation for best draining of resin. This would help prevent resin waste and speed up clean up.

I’d love to see something like this.


Shouldn’t have a need to print solid parts except in rare cases such as a prism or lens or something that requires volume. Many software packages do have offset surface function and when not possible Meshmixer does work but I find it cumbersome. It is free and does work so can’t gripe too much.

I don’t see why down the road Preform couldn’t have that function. It would be handy to have and save hop scotching applications to get a job done.


I was also about to request this same feature in a new thread. It would be really nice if PreForm could allow the user to set a simple wall thickness that could default somewhere in the 3mm range. Then have it automatically place vent holes that could be edited just like the Supports.

Thanks in advance Formlabs.


This is something we’re considering but we’re also wary of inflating the capabilities of PreForm and raising the learning curve for new users. In many cases, it makes sense to modularize tasks like this; containing mesh modifications in programs like Meshmixer and print setup in PreForm. Our strategy thus far has been to educate users on the various tools that can be used for mesh modification and make PreForm the best it can be for print setup. We have a tutorial on hollowing parts in Meshmixer if you’re interested.


Nice tutorial but its been 3 years and meanwhile Prusa come up with this option in their slicer :stuck_out_tongue:

come on folks, this would be so great to have in Preform, let’s go!! chop chop!