Fill density of parts

One nice thing about FDM printers is you can define a fill density so there is no need to manually shell or manually build internal structure. You set a fill density as a percentage and select the internal pattern (cross hatch, honeycomb, etc).

I think this would go a long way to reducing failed prints. I know we have had failures from printing solid and the form1 running dry or becoming too heavy for the supports or shelling and having features not hold up because our manual supports fail or we were not careful to make sure our mesh was not perfectly clean.

Even the cheapest maker style FDM printers do this so I think it should be a top priority for formlabs to solve in their software.

I agree with this! I would love for an automeshfill feature.

How would this work? Remember that the voids created would be filled with uncured resin which could eventually be trapped. I wouldn’t want my parts to ooze resin when I work on it.

Good point, but I think it would be a sort of hexagonal 3d grid fill system where the part would be allowed to drip nearly the entire way and then close up at the end. You would get a small amount of resin in the last bit but you wouldn’t see it anyway.

It’s a good idea, but I would like to see the feature in my design software, not preform.

In other software it is optional and you have your choice of fill patterns. So if you manually shell and build internal supports then you wouldn’t use it but most people I think would like the choice for an auto-shell and fill density option. The fill could be calculated after layout and supports so the pattern could be oriented with gravity.