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So the local agent that sold us our Formlabs 3L told us that it is possible to print with lower part density like FDM printers. I could not find anything about it online and could not find anything in the SW as well. I know I can design my parts so they will have a mesh inside like honeycomb but that’s not what I’m looking for

was he right or is the Formlabs 3L prints only full solid parts?

I don’t think the Formlabs software (preform) allows for the automatic hollowing-out of parts, i.e. the kind of honeycomb “fill” you’re talking about.

You can of course do it in whatever software you design your parts in.

You could try it, but there is no way of removing uncured resin from inside the honeycomb.

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Adding on to what the others shared, I would suggest looking over our article on Hollowing out 3D Models with Meshmixer. Although PreForm itself does not hollow out parts automatically, this may offer a solution to hollow out or otherwise modify your parts before importing the models into PreForm.


the printer is printing on build plate that is submerged in liquid resin, so to create empty space (Sparse infill) the resin needs escape route (Vent/drain) even if you design your own inner mesh, each of those would need space for resin to drain. Same thing goes for hollow models. There is no other way about it, not until someone invents teleport. :smiley:


Yes, Formlabs components have a mesh inside them. This mesh is required by certain resin compounds in order to maintain the part structurally sound. Because the printer is printing on a build plate that is submerged in liquid resin, the resin need an escape route to generate empty space. Even if you create your own inner mesh, it will require space for resin to drain. The same is true for hollow models.

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Everyone here has the right of it- you can design the part as hollow in your CAD software. Resin has to escape and air has to re-enter hollow parts, thus the need for vent holes (minimum diameter 2.5mm). You’ll get a yellow cupping error if the part isn’t able to vent at the orientation in Preform.

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