Density of fill

I’m new to our FormLabs 2 and have printed 3 parts to this point. Can we print a solid object with a loose interior density to save resin?

Not sure what you mean by ‘loose interior density’ but it’s recommended that larger parts are printed hollow, typically with 1-2mm wall thickness. Mesh mixer is a good tool for this.

You can’t do in-fill patterns like the filament printers do. You should hollow out your models and provide drain holes for the raw resin to escape. This saves the cost of the part, wear and tare on the PDMS layer and prevents the possibility of blowouts on the walls as layers are compressed.

If you have trouble with making hollows you can download MeshMixer from Autodesk for free. It has a hollow function and hole function so you can edit the stl or obj file just for this.


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