PreForm hangs on "getting secure upload URL"


As the topic title says, I’m trying to send a print job to my Form 3 from my main computer, like I have dozens of times before. For some reason, the upload progress bar keeps freezing at 30% while “Getting secure upload URL” is displayed. I’ve disabled my router firewall, made sure I was connected to the same wifi network as my printer, and tried from a different computer, only to experience the same result.

I don’t have any unusual hardware configurations, just a desktop computer connected to a cable modem/router combo, and a surface Pro. My printer is connected to my ordinary, 2.4GHz wifi.

What could be causing this? I am digging around for the atypical USB cord to print manually, but it would be nice to continue relying on the remote functions that have worked up until now.

I appreciate your thoughts on this!


Having the same issue with that…would appreciate any help with that. thanks.


Same problem