PreForm hangs on "getting secure upload URL"

As the topic title says, I’m trying to send a print job to my Form 3 from my main computer, like I have dozens of times before. For some reason, the upload progress bar keeps freezing at 30% while “Getting secure upload URL” is displayed. I’ve disabled my router firewall, made sure I was connected to the same wifi network as my printer, and tried from a different computer, only to experience the same result.

I don’t have any unusual hardware configurations, just a desktop computer connected to a cable modem/router combo, and a surface Pro. My printer is connected to my ordinary, 2.4GHz wifi.

What could be causing this? I am digging around for the atypical USB cord to print manually, but it would be nice to continue relying on the remote functions that have worked up until now.

I appreciate your thoughts on this!

Having the same issue with that…would appreciate any help with that. thanks.

Same problem

Just for those following this, it seemed to be an intermittent problem - before I went dark for 6 months I simply tried again the next day and the problem didn’t happen. Unsatisfying, but the good news is that it doesn’t last forever!