PreForm for OS X (0.8.4)

Just installed the MAC version of PreForm.  Works great!  Looks just like the Windows version.  Also, based on version release info that said that Netfabb was included I picked an object to print that I know had some problems.  PreForm identified there were indeed problems, fixed them and the print worked.  Granted I don’t know how it would have looked if I had printed without the fix but it was great to not worry about that :slight_smile:

While printing I was looking at their website and noticed the finishing tray had changed.  It now has two IPA baths (mine came with one), did I miss something?

Hoooah! for PreForm OS X

Same here…had been running the Windows version in Parallels on OSX and happy to see the OSX version is already at parity with the Windows version, and includes the automatic fix feature. Nice!

Also noticed the finishing tray had changed. Two baths, different spatula, no bottle.

You are correct to notice that the finish kit has changed, but you have the latest version. The photo on the website is out of date and in need of an update. Sorry for the confusion!

Also regarding the Form Finish Kit, you can see the set up video here:

and discuss how you are using the Finish Kit over on this thread: