Preform Feature Request: Labeling solution for tracking parts through processing

The last thread on this seems to have been closed due to thread inactivity, but our orthodontic practice is still desperately seeking a solution for keeping better track of our dental models. We are currently using the Formlabs Support recommendation of using a labeling block, but the text has been way too small to read without closely examining the text. In the grey draft resin, it’s especially unreadable as well.

Is there any sort of update on the status of this feature? Is it still being worked on? It would make a large difference in our ability to easily and efficiently sort through models.

If the feature isn’t part of your development roadmap for Preform right now, is there any sort of recommendation for other software that can apply adjustable text labels to our intraoral scans?

Thanks for your time and I hope you’re all doing well.

Thank you @Adamslawek for letting us know! While we can’t comment on the roadmap here, our product managers would love to connect with you and gather some feedback on how this feature can improve your workflow. Could you please DM your contact information? Thanks