PreForm anomaly

What is it?!

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…an incorrectly signed number :smile:

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Nothing to worry about. It’s the same as some supports that seem to go right through the model to the other side. It’s a bug, but won’t affect your print.

But the spike isn’t going through the build platform it’s protruding to it, and so the base is just floating in space.
So it would try to support the entire print, base and all, from just that one point.

And you cannot manually delete that point?

I was just going to regenerate the supports, I didn’t think to try that but yes it was a support point that just went the wrong direction for some reason and all it took was deleting that point and the base moved to the correct level. I just wanted to share the glitch. But no problems, easy fix!

Can you share the .FORM file and/or STL so that our software team can replicate, @VinceErb?


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