PreForm annoyances (material selection and color)

Couldn’t find any topic about the annoyance I have so opened a new one.

Material selection
When I open PreForm, it asks me which resin I want to use to make a new 3D print. Great!

But when I then open an existing .form file and choose not to merge it with the open design, it doesn’t change the material and layer height to the material I choose when creating supports for the design.

But when I then change the material to the original material, it starts to complain that I have to re-do the support generation as the material is very different.

Also, when preform is closed and I open a .form file, it doesn’t remember the material I used to create the supports and asks me again which material to use. If I designed the supports in grey and then select tough, it doesn’t tell me that supports need to be recreated.

The thing is that I usually prepare a lot of 3D prints at the same time away from the printer and then load them into the printer all at once. Now I have to check every time if the material and layer height is still OK in preform as asked by the customer. This leaves a lot of room for error. Also when I want to make a 3D print of a design that was created weeks ago, I don’t want to have to check the material but use exactly the same settings.

Color of parts in preform
It is a nice gimmick that preform shows the parts in the same color as when they come out of the printer. But it make placing supports more difficult. For example, it is sometimes really hard to see edges with the clear resin selected(I guess to to lighting in the program) while it works on grey. Also the clear resin shows the internal features of parts which can make it harder to have the overview where you placed supports already. Same goes for the tough resin.

Can you make a settings so the parts have the same color independent from the resin used?

I’ve run into the issue that loading a .form file doesn’t change the resin type (or warn about incompatible supports); it’s definitely a bug.

I agree also with the model viewing. There should be an option to view “in resin” but also as translucent, with a strong wireframe outline, etc., not tied to the resin type.

Preform does actually know the resin type loaded in the printer. I don’t see what’s wrong with choosing the current resin as the default, rather than requiring the setup every time it’s launched.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Our software team is aware of inconsistencies in material selection and it’s something we’re actively working on.

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Small kick for this topic…

Will you guys please add support that all resins are the same color in preform? I am working with some fairly complex models in tough and clear resin and it is incredibly difficult to spot edges without constantly having to rotate the model. This make placing supports a very slow process.