Form files should contain selected resin

When exchanging form files with a coworker, we noticed that the resin choice does not travel with the model. This creates confusion when sending the model to print, as one can easily select a different resin than the supports were set up for.

Can PreForm store the resin selection in the Form file. Likewise, when selecting a new resin, it would be great if PreForm gave you the option to not clear out all the supports.


We’ve seen this suggestion a few times and I’ve made sure to forward it to our software team. Keeping the same support structures while changing materials is a bit tricky. Different materials require different point sizes, densities, placement algorithms etc. so it is sometimes worthwhile to re-generate structures when changing materials.

I completely understand supports need to be different for different resins. The problem is the way you currently have it set up, it completely bypasses your logic and makes it worse. For example:

I spend time making a beautiful print using Flexible resin. I save the .Form. I then send that file to my coworker to print. He opens up the .Form with Clear material already loaded on Preform. The software doesn’t make any mention of any potential errors. He prints it, bad.

Or, after loading, he sees that he made a mistake and clicks to change the resin, THEN the software says “you are changing resin” and clears all of the supports I put into the file! Now he has to delete the print, make sure material is right and reload the .Form file. This scenario isn’t the end of the world but definitely an annoyance.

I agree with the original poster’s request: when i load a .form file, it should load the proper material, version, and layer height.


I’m excercising the like button on this topic, but I feel that is not enough. I strongly agree with the OP and want to place my vote. Please implement this feature!


Yep, same. It’s just weird that I have to write down the material and resolution in the filename as preform doesn’t remember it. This has nothing to do with different algorithms and different point sizes.

What I do is put the resolution number in the file name as a reminder. Not perfect; but it works for me.

Anything new to report here?

Yep, this was implemented in PreForm 2.14.0 :slight_smile: