Leave Supports when changing materials

I spend quite a bit of time laying out support touch points and would love it if there was an option to leave them when changing materials. Let preform show me via the printability heat map if the new material has weak spots with the current support structure but GIVE ME THE OPTION, please! This would allow me to set up my print once and be able to print the same .form file for multiple materials without having to redo work already done.

Although this feature exists for a good reason, (for example, Clear supports will likely not be sufficient for a flexible print) you can get around this by saving a .form, clearing your preform scene, switching the resin type in the bottom bar menu, and then reloading your .form. Just be aware that default touchpoint sizes are different even among the GP resins.


Thanks Adrian, I do realize this but i’d much rather have the option even if it means manually reworking some of the points. I go between the basic resins quite a bit and have seen very good results using the same support method for white, grey, and black. It would be nice to be able to “hot swap” so to speak.

Thinking a little differently here. What if we only keep the support points (change the size as needed but keep the center point).

From there the software can generate the proper supports without the need to re place a bunch of manual supports.

This would save a bunch of time if we’re printing a file in different materials.