Clearing supports when changing resin type

I understand that the supports are placed in accordance with the type of resin that you will be printing in, so it makes sense that they’d need to be cleared when changing resin types.

But instead of having to completely regenerate the supports and then manually adjust them accordingly, have preform regenerate the supports but keeping the same contact points. Instead of me having to move them back where I had them before, or saving a different form file for each resin.

I do realize that auto support placement may depend on the type of resin, but at the very least I’d love to see a dialogue box that says “Would you like to keep support location? Keeping support location may adversely effect the print.”

Anyways. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the suggestion! I would likewise be worried about placement being dependent on resin type. If support density were to change for instance, that would change the distribution of all of the contact points. In any case, I’ve forwarded this suggestion to our software team.

You’re welcome. I’m glad to see that you guys actually read these and consider them. I can definitely see where the support density or position needs to change depending on the resin for optimal placement. But sometimes I’m not looking for optimal placement and I need supports in a specific location, and clearing them only to half to replace them in the same place seems redundant. Thanks for forwarding this to them. I appreciate your consideration.