Preform - not eye-friendly colour

Recently I started to work with High Temp resin; I was used to work with standard Grey resin.
I noticed immediatly that using a different resin, the colour of the part changes: for High Temp resin the color is a light orange.
During the position and the support addings, it’s very hard to work with this color. It is not eye-friendly at all!
Checking the “red areas”, that need more supports, is very hard.

working with the standard grey resin, the grey colour of the part it is very helpfull!

In preform, there is some setting to change the colour of the part?

thank you

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While changing the color depending on the resin is a great way to be sure you don’t generate supports for the wrong type of resin, we should definitely be able to toggle this on and off easily. Clear is also difficult to work with.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve had some issue identifying surfaces especially for the Clear Resins and I could see the utility in a toggle that lets you switch between a sort of Grey and the actual color of the material. I’ve forwarded this suggestion to our software team and we’ll look into it.


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