Preform 3 issues

Does anyone know how to get rid of the popup notifications like “model needs more support” or “models outside of build volume” in the middle of the screen? I like to manually set up my supports and layout my objects but with so many popups I literally can’t see how my build platform is organized. I’ve attached a picture of what I’m seeing.

Yes. And platforms unprintable because there is a part not fully supported, and having to find which model, and where, by the vaguest of vague faint pinky tinge indicating a lack of support. Can’t you have a ‘zoom to…’ feature, at the very least? It took me nearly an hour to track all these faint smudges on one build recently…

And another thing. PLEASE, just ONE place to select a printer and a resin. I have lost count of the various windows that show printers, resins, connected and not connected but seemingly remembered. I want to see;

  1. Which printers are available and what is in them, and to select the one I want.
  2. Load the parts.
  3. Support the parts.
    4 Print the parts.

Anything beyond this workflow is extra, and should NOT impede my progress, because if it takes more than a minute longer to get a platform running, I MISS MY BUS!!!

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