PreForm no longer showing unsupported areas in red after latest update

Has anyone else having Preform not show the areas that need supports in red shade on there model when manually editing supports? Im not talking about the Minima. Im talking about the red shade that disappears as you add more supports. After the latest update it stopped showing it on the model and now just outlines it in red. Its really frustrating and pretty stupid if they got rid of it as now i cant tell which are needs more supports.

Yes, something is broken in PreForm 3.8.0 related to supports and unsupported sections. I’ve had 3 prints in row fail (3 very different parts) due to support problems. I’m going to try reverting to 3.7.1 as I’ve had only one successful print with 3.8.

Yes, I just came here to see if I was the only one. I print standardized models that have worked for months with auto-supports at a 95%+ success rate, but after the last update I’m having a 75%+ failure rate with prints failing due to support issues.

I’m using three Form 2’s with Dental Model.

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