PreForm 2.17.1 Bug Report

If you double-click a .FORM file when PreForm is already open, a new instance opens and crashes, rather than redirecting the file to the existing instance and closing gracefully.
Dragging and dropping a .FORM file on PreForm will ask to OPEN or IMPORT. Double-clicking a file used to provide the same functionality, but over the past few releases, the newly opening instance crashes, while the existing instance is unaffected.

Works fine on 2.17.1 for me. Double clicking on a .FORM file triggers the import dialog both when Preform is closed, open and open with another file already loaded.

Using Windows 7.

Tried reinstalling, but still have the same issue. This started with this new 64-bit support version.
Double-clicking a .FORM file launches Preform. Double-click a .FORM file while an instance of Preform is already running triggers the import dialog in instance #1, but receives an error while closing the 2nd instance. See attachments.

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