Porous chamber printing problem

I’m trying to print a completely porous chamber (35mm x 30mm x 10mm) with a pore size of 1 mm and 200 µM struts using the dental SG resin. There isn’t enough surface area on the construct to place supports. The intricate pore pattern will not allow for internal supports either. The print always come out incomplete in the last couple of layers. Any recommendations for printing this object? I’ve tried the supports recommended by preform (including placing internal supports). It also prints quite well when I scale the size of the object down by half.

@bvarghes it’s likely to need some supports to help hold the thing up during printing, especially on a Form 2 (Form 3 has a lower peel force so would be probably more likely to do without supports). Did you try making the touchpoints really small, like down to 0.2 or even 0.15? Then they might fit on your struts?

@gtl I tried placing supports already (with density and point size recommended by the preform software), but it didn’t work.

The default touchpoint size that PreForm recommends for Dental SG is pretty conservative (it’s 0.9mm, see “Touchpoint Size” below). But you can change this to as small as 0.1mm (half the size of your struts) and try generating supports again, and that could work for your application. Note that 0.1mm is REAL small and may not resolve that well, I’d guess 0.2mm would be safer. But if you are only losing your last few layers, even just getting a couple tiny supports on there somewhere in the top half of the object could help hold it steady enough to print successfully.

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