Please help me print this

So I find anything bigger than 3 inches (and everything I print is hollowed) has problems printing but this one model I have found impossible to print. I printed a prototype with my cheap resin at about 2.7 inches no problem, then 3.3" a huge chunk didnt print, so I reorient and most printed but a the ear so I figuer I would resize and it would have no problem.

So then at 3" even MORE didnt print, and all the while my resin tank is getting damaged and now, other than a small corner it is completely destroyed. so before I wast more money I figured I would ask for help before trying again. Any input would be great, thank you.

here is the model , its a little hedgehog vase so its basically a hollowed oval.

normally I would print anything bigger than 3" in seperate parts but since this one is just one big shape I can’t really do that :confused:

Make sure you don’t have any floating topology inside the shell.
You can do this in Zbrush by using the flip button and doing a visual check. Or use Auto Groups and delete everything but the main model.
This is only if you have clean mirrors, a clear resin tank and you filter the resin.
Good luck.

The resin trays typically start giving failed prints after 0.5 to 1 liter printed. It depends on where the models were printed and at what resolution. Lower resolution allows you to get more prints per resin tank because there are less peels. The fact that the fail is happening sooner in the print from one try to the next may indicate a used up resin tray.

You may want to try it using more supports. As the tray starts to get more prints on it the parts stick to it more. When that happens prints sometimes flex so much during the peel that they don’t peal off but just bend. The further away from the build plate the more flex there is so taller prints fail more often than short ones. After a print sticks to the tray one time the rest of that print will fail. Adding more supports to the taller layers can prevent flex which increases your chances of success.

The unpredictability of the resin tank life and the fact that their life is relatively short is one thing I don’t like about the printer.

You will need a new tray eventually so you aren’t out anything by trying your print in a new tray.

As Alain said, make sure the resin tank doesn’t have any particles in it and strain the resin through a pain strainer to make sure its clear of debris too.

I hope that helps.

thanks Alain and tony, Guess I will have to do all of that and hope it works this time :confused:

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