Pockets of uncured resin inside object

What can cause this? I’ve printed the same stl file before with different orientation and did not see this problem.

Here is the opposite side, the lines running across the roof are not part of the 3D model.

Here is the support structure:


I’m getting similar uncured resin pockets and deep lines like your getting. The lines I get dont seem to run with the direction of the print lines either. Although I have gotten some deep lines along the layers as well.

My guess would be a mesh integrity issue of some sort. Could you share some pictures of what it looks like with the slicer?

Just a guess but is this issue on the section that is parallel to the build platform?

Tilting the model so that all surfaces have some angle will help. Put one corner down and the opposite corner up.

When the surface lays flat resin can accumulate on top (towards the build plate) and solidify. This causes the issue you have based on what I see.

Yes I just noticed that, that section is parallel to the build platform. Can that also cause lines on the opposite surface or is that another issue?

Yes, it will cause layer lines on the other side unless it’s exactly parallel. The lines are the individual layers/layer height.

It takes longer to print with a steep angle from corner to corner but the finished part will be better.

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