Platform won't retract

The build platform won’t retract. I’ve turned the printer off and on. This started when I told the printer to print. It seemed like it was going to print, then it randomly reset. Now no matter what I do the build platform won’t move.

EDIT: I turned the printer off then manually turned the lead screw to move the platform up slowly. Turned the printer back on and it still won’t move. Also, temp says NaN, cartridge missing and tank missing. …They’re all fine. Seems like something has gone terrible wrong.

probably already tried this, but have you not just cycled the power switch, but physically unplugged it from the outlet for a couple of minutes, then plugged it back in? Not saying it’s the fix, but that has fixed many consumer/computer devices for me on more occasions than I can count.

Yes, I did try this. I suspect there’s a blow fuse. I haven’t heard back from Formlabs support on the cause.

I have same problem. Try to update firmware, this will cause printer to re initialize, which raises platform.
Ive also had the temp and cartridge problems.
No solution yet.

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