Photocentric3D retailer in the USA?

Now i have printed the testcube.
Now how do We go from here?
I have found an old versjon og openFL (2.3.3)

Looking at your test cube, No amount of fussing with a custom profile will help.
Is that print with a new vat, new resin? I think above you said it was.
You are still getting good results with FL resin, right?
I would send Photocentric a note and ask them.
If the model looked clean but was oversized or undersized, we could work with that.

There shouldn’t be too much different between the Form 1 and Form 2 resin profiles (not that we know for sure). Only slight differences due to the different lasers and galvos. The results off both machines should be very similar with the 2 printing the better looking more dimensionally accurate models.

The rook looked like it came out much better then the cube. That is why I was thinking we could build a custom profile to get your results closer to FL resin prints.

I would verify that you are still getting great prints with the FL resin and as long as you are, reach out to Photocentric and see what they say.

Yea its a new VAT and a new buildplatform.
I have printet just 4 prints with FL resin clear2 and they have come out perfectly, the only mistakes there are the ones i made.

The FDM printed rook is about 3mm shortet than the SLA printed one but that is just the base of the rook being thicker on the SLA.

guess an Email to photecentric3d is the next thing too do.
just hope its a bad batch then, only problem is i ordered 5 liters :joy:

I’m working with photocentric on their new form2 compatible resins. My machine is going to formlabs due to a cracked plastic casing (the black plastic that prevents spilled resin getting into the innards). Once I get the machine back I’ll be testing their latest versions firm & hard grey, and firm and hard clear.

He’s perfect! Beautiful, isn’t this fun;))
I’ve had no failures with the clear. Ditto, just my own mistakes. I’m totally in love with it.

Teamanimal, I bought 1L of hard grey 1,5 months ago. I just started to print it and I have the same issues as you, so I’ll be making a custom settings file.

I also concluded that printing with the settings for clear and 100um is the most accurate way.

I made a test file and all the walls are getting out thicker approximately 0,2mm. Recessions 1mm deep almost disappear.

I’ll be posting my results later this week.

By the way, I saw someone posting a figurine printed in firm grey and it looked great, so I don’t see why are we having these issues.

All the prints i have seen that lookes perfect with Photcentric3d firm og hard has been made with a Form2 printer.

Teamanimal, are you norwegian?

Yes, I also just remember to see good prints on Form 2 printers. But, the resins from form 1 to form 2 are the same, I don’t think they’re making special formulations. So, I guess on the form 2 the overcuring is being wiped during peeling. This is just my wild guess!

Yes I’m from Norway, is my english really that bad :stuck_out_tongue:
But it cant be only the wipingarm that stands between me and a decent print.

No, it’s just because you said “og”, and I’m in Norway (Stavanger) so I recognized it :slight_smile:

I’ll be doing some tests this week and hope to find a good settings file, then I’ll share.

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NIce, you got all that form “og” :slight_smile:
Damn iphone keeps correcting me back to Norwegian.

Just 520 Km down to Stavanger.

I have startet a dialog with Photocentric on facebook to see if they have a solution for us.
They take forever to answer on facebook.
24 houres and 2 replys

@Teamanimal any luck so far? I’ve made a settings file that it seems to be working but I only tried it out in small parts. Now I’m printing a bigger part. See here:

Try emailing them! I had very speedy responses with them via email

Just thought I’d update about this! I have been trying their resins for about a month now and have had little issue with it (other than occasional support failure when I try to use .3 point size).

My nicest print has to be on their Hard resin (I got some of the beige). The skull is about 2" long (3.5" with the horns) and around 1.5" tall at the highest pint (2.5 or so including the horns). The bottom two images are the print after I sanded and weathered it using enamel.

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I have managed to get inn contact with them on facebook. but they are REALLY slow to answer.

you never told us what printer you are using. form1/+ 2?
But still AWSOME print

@Silvio_Augusto - sorry but i have not testet any more. but i could start another rook with your settings, just to see the difference.

@Teamanimal, I’ve printed this comb Comb designed for cleaning the resin tank and it printed well. The model has some lettering and a logo with low height extrusions and small gaps (crevices) which were successfully printed, there was some warping on the top edge but I think it’s lack of supports. See the picture below:

I take it this is on your custon grey settings?
I will try something later today then.

now i am really excited

Really good print. What printer do you use? Look like as DLP printing. And what size of this model?

WOW its all i have to ad.
one defect but who cares with this level of detail.
I was a little brutal with removing the supports so i broke some of the combs but it was still just a test.

@Silvio_Augusto - I would say you grey settings are just spot on

A little brutal? That’s not usable now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: