Photocentric Clear Resin issues on the Form2


Hello All,

I purchased some PhotoCentric 3D Hard UV Resin Clear for Laser 3D printers since FL seams to be out of stock at the moment. I tried using it in place of the V4 clear resin without switching over to open mode as I read some others having success with that, unfortunately I got subpar unusable results. I switched over to open mode at the V2 setting as recommending by PhotoCentric and again got a print with even worse results and tons of warping. The print I am using trialing is small with only 8ml of resin being used. Just reaching out to see if any other had had success?



Out of interest the small part that you tried to print - how yellow was the failed print?


I have a similar experience with their hard resins. Firm is better for small parts(but is a bit flexible). They once sent me a sample of the high tensile resin. This one works much better(but only available in black) and I like it for medium sized parts.

Some parts which I could successfully print in closed mode would not print in open mode and yes, V2 profiles are better than the V3 and V4 profiles.


There didn’t seem to be much yellowing, I will try to get an image today for comparison.


After a few more fails today I did some trouble shooting through their website and found this (new to me) form. I tried the “detailed setting” at V4 Grey and the print came out the worst of my trials.


The print on the left is the FL clear at 100 microns.



did you try .05 microns?