PhotoCentric 3D Flexible Clear

Hi everyone.

We bought one Form2 one year ago. Since that we have tested some of the formlabs resins, but now we need a clear flexible one.

PhotoCentric 3D Flexible Clear looks as a good choice, but here in the forum I have read this post . It’s old, but we are worried about if that problem is still there.

Someone have experience with that resin?

Thank you.

Haven’t seen anything recently on the forums. Best bet would be to contact PhotoCentric.

Formlabs has a new tank (Tank LT) with a new surface (not PDMS) made for their newest resins. Maybe that will work.

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Thank you for the answer.

We have contacted with them, just waiting their reply.

Tank LT could be a good option, but the estimated delivery is 09/2018.

They have answer me this:

Hi Marcos,

Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in our resin range.

This was an issue that occurred in the past with a previous formulation of the UV flexible resin (the black variant to be precise). This resin has since been reformulated and since it’s reformulation we’ve not had this issue again.

That being said we do always recommend to customers to remove the resin after the print has been completed as this both increases the lifetime of the vat and ensures you have no bits of the print remaining in the vat.

Many Thanks,

Josh Riddick


UK: Cambridge House, Oxney Road, Peterborough, PE1 5YW Tel: +44 (0)1733 349937 ext 1030

USA: 2205 West Parkside Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027 Tel: 623 581 3220

Even so, if anyone can confirm this, I’ll be very grateful. In the meantime, we’ll try it.


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