Photocentric resin

Has anyone had much success with photocentric resins on their form 2 printers, notably the UV Hard clear?
We’ve tried it, and after 2 12 hour prints (each print had around 12 parts) we’ve had 4 usable prints. Extremely poor quality and a bit of warping as well.
When compared to the form labs stuff, we have used the printers almost every day for a year and have a 91% success rate which isn’t bad

In order for any 3rd party resin to be worth the cost they need to be reliable. The only 3rd party resins that I’ve used that worked straight out of the bottle for larger prints are Made Solid (sadly out of business) and Apply Labwork.

If I have parts that are big/complex or are for other people I still use the Formlabs resins. They just work well even if you’re trying to print things that don’t meet the minimum guidelines.