How well does makerjuice work with form 2?

I am wondering if anyone else uses 3rd party resin was as much success.

I tried some a year or so ago- it seemed to build up around the supports- I was unimpressed. The resin was a bit more flexible but MUCH weaker as well.

thats too bad. thanks for your reply

Photocentric firm grey had given me good results.

with a Form 2?
what resolution did you use?

I’ve printed on all settings with good results.

thats great to know Jason. But all I see for the Form is this:

Not maker juice, photocentric.

@Jason… do photocentric resins work with the form 2? have you tried the hard resins and are they harder than G+?

I’m using the form2, so far only used the firm grey, but getting very good results.

@JasonSpiller so is the process for using the Photocentric resins to clean an existing resin container (and how? IPA?), then refill it and run the Form2 in “open” mode, or do you just tell the Form2 that you’re printing with one of the standard FormLabs resins? Just curious. I plan to stick with the official resin for quite some time, but someday maybe I will try out a different manufacturer.

I just fill the formlabs cartridge with the photocentric resin and print as normal.

Wow, and are they really water washable?

The Makerjuice resin cures too quickly, since you can’t change the laser settings for the printer to lower the exposure time you have to use one of the material presets and even with the preset that uses the lowest exposure time it is still too long which means that details do not come out sharp.

i see

and what about photocentric?

I have also Form 2, but the PreForm setting give me only posibility to use resin version 2.
Which formlabs cartidge do you use for Photocentric Grey Firm and with what settings?

Just the grey cartridge, no setting adjustments.

Hello today i was print with resin Photocentric gray firm on Form 2. Settings is was grey resin v 2. and the results are here.
The edges are like melted and support have not correct shape see photo.
Resin cost is about 60 Euro, this is half of original Formlabs but results are not matching the price.


well thats not promising