Form 1+ Resin with Form2

Hello community,

is it possible to use Resin from Form 1+ with the Form 2, because at the moment the resin for the Form2 ist not available in germany ?

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Yes and no. The resin in bottles is exactly the same as in the cartridges, but you need a cartridge in the machine for the form2 to know which resin you are using, or use open mode. ExpressGroup in the UK are the European suppliers for machines and resin, or try photocentric as their firm grey resin is also compatible.

Hi JasonSpiller,

thank you for your fast answer. That sounds good. We have a cartidge so we can use them. Have you any experience with another compatible resin like makerjuice with the form 2?

Best regards

No other successes with other 3rd party resins, just the photocentric firm grey.

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