Any Test of Resin of Other Manufacturer?

Hello i heared that it is also possible to use resin in a form 2, which is not form formlabs…

e.g. from photocentric is this ture, does anyone have experience about that?

I have used MakerJuice SF Red before, it printed great however after some time in storage the resin tank appears as if the resin separated from some of its other compounds that appears a water surface on top.

I have used the resins from a number of different manufacturers with a very cheap (about 1/10th of the FormLabs2 printer) with great success.

I tried printing a “clear” print using the Form2 and was impressed with the clarity of the print as it sat on the build platform. But was not impressed after I had cleaned the excess resin away (following the clean up as suggested by FormLabs).

I now have a print running on the Form2 using open mode and the clear version of “Hard and Flexible” from 3Dresyns. (3Dresyns HF) which cost me €110 for 1L as against €164 for the FormLabs Clear .

Will let you know how it turns out

To be fair 3Dresyns HF isn’t really comparable to FL Clear. Yes it’s clear but that’s the only similarity, mechanically they are completely opposite to one another.

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You are right - I have finished the print - WOW, It is nothing like the formlabs clear. I can see through it, it’s crystal clear without any polishing, and its hard and it’s flexible. Thats without even considering the price difference and the fact that the printer kills a lot of its functionality when I use anything other than Formlabs resin…

My Formlabs clear went translucent / opaque after i cleaned it as per the instructions given by formlabs. Considering they claim it gives optical quality I am surprised.

The clarity is what I need (without polishing and thus altering the finished part) Any ideas?

The opacity in the FL clear comes from the surface of the print rather than the resin itself (which is completely clear).


That’s an interesting point about the FormLabs resin, with the 3Dresyns clear its exactly that - clear without any need to remove the surface to get it clear,

Its less money, its seems just as tough, its not brittle and its flexible plus its clear from moment one. I guess the other one has a FormLabs label on it so that must make it better.

It’s a shame 3Dresyns don’t make printers as well as the resin, if that was as good as the resin then I know what I would buy.

To be clear (no pun intended), i’m not saying one is better than the other, I was pointing out that they are very different mechanically. For my uses I know 3Dresyns HF clear wouldn’t work, but if it does for you then go ahead :wink:

can you show pictures?

ok to understand it… open mode means? i did not found the option in preform…

but if you buy a other resin, you have to clean the old cartridge , and then fill the new resin in it, correct or?

but no one any expierience about the photocentric resin?

Open mode is enabled via the printer menu.

ah ok trank you…

and which resin kind must i choose then in preform?

That will vary depending on the material you’re using. Many manufacturers will list which PreForm profile their materials work best with.


I will say that Peopoly and Applylab Work provide settings/ guides for using their resins on the Form 2. All others you would have to research. Keep in mind that some have found, through trial and error, that they get better results from other settings.

ok but i use original fromlabs grey v4 flgpgr04

and i really not happy with that printer for that price, when cleaning is so bad and everytime material spring away…

I have an issues with this resin, I think mine was stocked too much long and I cannot print anything with it.