MadeSolid's New Vorex Resin.... I think they may have missed the boat

Hi all,

I’ve just read this article and MadeSolid claim they have developed a new resin that is stronger than FormLab’s clear.

If the testing was done with FormLab’s v1 clear, then they may have missed the boat. Also they don’t say if the test piece was printed on a Form1 printer.

It’s very easy to produce nice charts and graphics etc. to support their claims. Unfortunately, as an ex-MakerBot customer, I’ve learnt to be very skeptical of this type of marketing.

It would have been another thing, if they had documented their test procedures and had the tests carried out by an independent accredited test house.

As far as I can tell the only Technical Data Sheet FormLab’s has published, is for their Clear (v1??). MadeSolid don’t have any Technical Data Sheet for their Resins.

It would be great if FormLab’s could have their other resins tested and results published.

On the FFF 3D printing scene, I’m happy to pay a little extra for quality filament from a manufacture that has recognised QA and testing procedure. To me it means quality, and with all things considered, works out cheaper. A good FFF filament supplier example would be Taulman3D. They publish their test results, test procedure and the Testing Lab used. Again for me it speaks quality.

I agree: sales pitches of claims are better when there is transparency to the process behind the claim.

Has anyone tested the Vorex resin against the FormLabs resin?

Hello everyone,
I finally got my replacement machine and it’s back to working mode.

My brother bought a liter of MadeSolid’s black Vorex resin, and tested it last night.
I have to say it performed quite well in the first test - 2 pieces of the same part with slightly different orientation. As can be seen on the photo, orientation was not a problem either way. The part is about 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. My brother used 50 microns for the part and the surface quality is quite nice - I have to say it looks better than the surface quality I have been getting with Formlabs’ grey resin #2. It looks more uniform.
The parts do come out a bit more “gummy” compared to the Formlabs’ resin parts and might need some post curing as they still have a slightly soft feel this morning. Since it’s the first test I can’t say much about its physical properties yet - whether it actually is stronger than the rest of available resins or not, we’ll test at some point. This is just to let everyone know the Vorex resin seems to perform very nicely with the Form 1+, surface quality wise. I need to mention that it comes out of the tank with less resin stuck to it than the formlabs grey resin. He used the black resin setting.
Here are the photos.