MadeSolid Vorex Assessment

I received a liter of translucent orange Vorex yesterday so thought we should have a thread dedicated to assessing its performance.

I originally ordered black, but MadeSolid called me that afternoon to let me know they just ran out and if I’d take the orange. I accepted, and I’m glad I did because both colors are backordered as of yesterday.

Starting with a brand new resin tank and build platform, I decided to run a few tests.

First up: Minimum feature test vs. Formlabs Black:

Vorex, 100um, Grey 01 setting:

I was impressed. It’s hard to tell because the translucent orange is difficult to get a good contrast in the picture, but there are indeed still dimples where the smallest holes are. The small cylinders came out just as good as the FL black, and overall quality around the back and edges was the same if not better.

Next up: the helix cylinder test:

Vorex, 25um, Grey 01:

Fresh out of the vat - no flaking or gel-ing, everything very clean:

After 2 min IPA bath and 10 min underwater UV blast:

So far I am extremely impressed. The prints look just as good, if not better in some cases. They also clean a LOT easier post print, and prior to curing had a very noticeable springiness.

Next up I’d like to test break strength, detail capture, and dimensional integrity.

If anyone has some models they think I should print in particular, please send them my way. I am building a model stockpile to photograph and add to my website, so I am open to print nearly anything that looks interesting (within reason, resin isn’t cheap).


Very nice looking prints. I would like to see how the PDMS holds up to this resin. I’ve had bad clouding with the Madesolid black resin before. I mean it clouded after 1 print. Hopefully they fixed the issue.

Are you referring to the Madesolid MS version 1? If so I did ask them about that, and they have released a v2 that is supposed to fix the issue.

With the Vorex, I did not notice any clouding, but I will take a closer look after some more prints.

The prints look good. However, on my orange Vorex I actually had trouble with 0.5mm hole (1mm thickness) on multiple test prints; that my clear 1 could do without problem. Otherwise my prints looks good.

I am printing the ford engine block while I’m out of the office. When I mixed the tank this morning, I noticed no clouding whatsoever.

I plan on making a thin stick and a small geometric shape to test snapping and dropping vs. FL clear. If I remember, I’ll put a 0.5mm hole in my stick to see if I can recreate your troubles.

@Randy_Cohen, let me know how you make out with your prints. So far everything I’ve printed in Vorex has come out excellent, and the support sides actually look a lot less warped and bumpy than with FL - I struggle to get good support side surfaces with the FL resins.

I need to order a couple more tanks. I thought I had one still unused, but I was wrong. Sigh. But the damn MakerJuice continues to delight. I’ve done about a dozen parts with it now and each one has come out great.

I have used the Voreg material on my B9 and got very good prints.Tough material. at 30 microns it’s pretty smooth. No clouding at all after 10 prints.

Any further updates on the Vorex toughness? MadeSolid hasn’t published anything yet. I would’t say my prints are as tough as ABS; they are probably a more flexible then FL clear1.

@Joshua_Herskovic, I did a very unscientific test and printed out a few rectangular thin strips. After fully curing, the Vorex bent all the way back until the ends touched, and then bent back to the starting flat position. The FL clear shattered about a half inch before the ends touched. Based on that observation, I’d say it is definitely more flexible but I have not had time to do further testing.

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