Vorex resin by Madesolid

Strange I thought I did post my experience with the Vorex resin so far - maybe there’s another category
…might have slipped my mind.
The Vorex resin performs quite well - It’s got nice surface quality at least equaling formlabs’ grey #2 resin.
It comes out a bit more “gummy” but the resin itself cleans up very easily, quite a bit easier than formalbs’ resin. On the other hand it does have some odor that is apparent, especially if your using it in warmer room temperatures, unlike formlabs’ resins which are completely odorless.
The first tests I’ll post pics here are done on Preforms BLACK setting.
If it is actually stronger than formlabs’ resins I don’t know but it will be tested.
I placed the parts in the sun for a day and they fully cured (losing the gummy feel).

Here is another test-part. I used the wrong color setting on the first test, to see if there would be a significant change - there is! Using the wrong setting causes a failed part. There are more details on the photos.
I’m noticing more Vorex tests under different categories here…
would be nice to somehow get those all under one topic.

Q: what was the ‘wrong color’ setting you used on print #1?

I’ve had good results printing FL black with the FL castable exposure setting (@100um) - possibly even better than using the black setting.

It was grey #2 instead of black (I think I mentioned it somewhere on the images).

That’s interesting - having a possibly better result on a different setting - like your test.

The Vorex resin performs quite well I have made a different part that’s very thin with sharp points and it came out flawlessly.
I still have not done a simple strength test yet, as that’s the main claim of Madesolid Vorex vs regular resins.
I will do that soon.

Can you post pics of that as well?

I had read on the Madesolid website that you are supposed to use the Grey 01 setting?

is this not the case? It does not state one way or another on the Vorex shopping page

if grey v2 under-cured, grey v1 certainly would too, as it has a shorter exposure time.

Here it is.

I have to emphasize that the Vorex resin does have an odor - it doesn’t bother me but there might be some who’ll be bothered by it.
It also comes out a bit more “gummy” as mentioned before. That’s why Madesolid has a few helpful post curing suggestions, which are good for any resin available.

Besides that it has performed quite nicely so far.


This refers to the MS Resin only - I know there’s no specific setting on the Vorex but the Black-Setting will do.

with the supports, it looks like a Salvadore Dali painting.

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Message from MadeSolid:

I have now printed using Grey 01, Grey 02, and Black 01, and they all appeared to have worked. I think the Grey 02 may have come out the ‘gummiest’ (which I dont understand, as that is the middle cure time duration?). And really the gummy-ness is more like the soft touch plastic on some smartphones.

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