Resin Availability.. MadeSolid

Hay guys,
Has anyone had contact with Madesolid recently.? Want to order some of their resin and their site is gone and no reply to e-mails.
Its been a few weeks.

So it looks like no one knows anything or has tried to contact Madesolid recently.
Shame …i like their resin mad some great prints

Last I looked they have closed up shop. The website is shutdown. Resin was ok. The tech support / customer service was terrible.

Thanks, i knew about the web site and had left a phone message with no reply. Thought they might have been reorganizing.
After this long im starting to doubt it.
its a shame that people cant just let you know when they are closing down if thats the case…

You can get some of the Vorex resins from Sigma Aldrich. Price is at $120 on the site and for me that makes the Formlabs resins a better option.

I’ve played around with quite a few different resins and some work well for smaller parts. Most don’t work well for larger parts. Formlabs resins just seem to work (as expected). The Vorex resins were also very food for large parts but the cost savings just isn’t enough for me now.

This is a bummer…I actually have had great results with Vorex orange resin.

Yes, it looks like madesolid closed down. The last messages on their twitter site are from March 2016.

That is a shame.

When I used the Form 1+ I tested formlabs’ vs madesloid’s resins on the same parts (extensive testing for weeks).

In those tests the Vorex resin simply outperformed formlabs’ resins (gray and white).
The machine would consistently fail on certain parts using Formalbs’ resins, while it was successful using Vorex.
Those parts were usually more complicated and hollowed out and/or had a large cross section.

I had a much higher success-rate using Vorex resin besides it having been cheaper.
In the end Vorex was the choice of resins.
I have to add that was about 1.5+ years ago, so those tests might not have any significance at this point in time.

But pricing ALWAYS matters - I’d be more than irrational, spending $30 dollars more on a product when I have the choice of a similar one that is $30 less, performs at least as good, if not better.