MadeSolid MS Resin for sale

I backed the MadeSolid Resin at the Super Bird - 6 Liters MS Resin ($400 USD). Due to work travel I cancelled my order for a Form1 even though I would still like to use one but I still wanted to back the MadeSolid effort.

I have 6 Liters broken down into these quantities:

2x 1lt White

2x 1lt Blue

1x 1lt Black

1x 1lt Pink

I live in the northern VA area and am looking to sell these together.

Please contact me,

Any interest? Based on the cost of this resin on their site this is still 30% off. I also have .5lt Black that was sent in addition to what was listed above.

you still have these?

With this resin around 2 years old, even if it is still available it is beyond its shelf life.

I’ve requested this thread be closed. I posted it years ago and sold the resin shortly after.