Wanted: used resin trays

I’d be interested in purchasing two or three used original clear style resin tanks.
I have one of the new ones and prefer the original style
Damaged or worn PDMS layer doesnt matter as long as the acrylic itself doesnt have any deep scratches
I’ll just recoat them myself
I dont want to spend much on them or the shipping but if anyone has a few that they arent going to use anyway then maybe we can make a deal?
I’m located in Indiana so outside continental US would be too much shipping costs
Just let me know how much your asking including shipping, Thanks, Vince

Hey Vince,

Send me a shipping label and I’ll send you one free of charge.

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Thanks Monger, best pricetag ever!
I’ve never sent a shipping label before so I’ll see if I can figure that out real quick and I’ll send you one as soon as I do

Or you can private message me your address and I can ship it with Priority Mail. It’s about $12 with signature confirmation. You can paypal it to me.

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Just got it thanks so much Monger that was super cool of you!

You’re welcome.

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Hi All !

Recently my tank felt and broke :scream: a new one + the shipping is bit too expensive for me, since Im a student I can not afford it… :cry: so if someone have a spare tank at a small price to ship in Canada it will be super awesome !! Thank youuu

I’d pay $5 ( $10 for a nice clean one) for a used tray plus whatever the shipping is, if anyone has some old trays lying around. I find that if I just mix the whole bottle of Sylgard up at once, I can get 6 trays out of it, but I never seem to have 6 trays at a time.
Florida Address