Sell me your used Form 2 resin trays

Hi Everybody,

As you may have seen in the “glass tank” thread, I’ve been working on a glass Z-Vat for the Form 2. To aid its development I’m currently looking for used Form 2 resin trays. If you have used/spent trays that you were planning to discard I would like to compensate you to take them off your hands. Get a return on your investment and save some plastic from the landfill. It’s a win-win!

If you have a used tray to part with I can offer two options:

  1. $15 ‘cash’ (read- paypal transfer).
  2. $20 credit for any item in my web store. This could also be used as credit for the ‘Z-Vat 2’ when it comes out, which I hope to be later this month.Additionally I’ll soon be introducing other accessories to my store such as including Yellow Magic 7, and a fabric dust/light cover for the Form 1 and 2 machines.

Either option includes a pre-paid USPS shipping label which I’ll email you, so shipping the vat/s to me will be free.

As far as tray condition- damage to pdms layer or clear window base is fine. Light damage to sides may be ok, just let me know details. Please include wiper, lid and original box as well.

Contact me at if you are interested and I can give further instructions on prep and shipping.



Great! I will do that. Is the Z-Vat 2 is made of all glass, or just the bottom is the glass?

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Thank you Utsu2. Similar to my Z-Vat 1, just the bottom will be glass.

Hi Zak,

Thanks for this offer you can have all mine it will save from the landfill.


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