🌈 • Z-Vat 2 • Glass Resin Tray Now Available

Hi Everybody,

I’m happy to announce that the Z-Vat 2 is now available. Continuing off of the popularity of the original Z-Vat, the Z-Vat 2 is a glass bottom resin tray compatible with the Form 2.

The Z-Vat 2 is built from a modified stock Form 2 tray: the standard acrylic base window is removed and replaced with an optical glass plate. By employing the original manufacturer’s tray in its design, the Z-Vat 2 preserves all the functionality of the Form 2 while utilizing the additional benefits of printing with glass.

The Z-Vat 2 is obtainable in two different ways:

-You can purchase one outright. Inventory is limited (about ten available at the time of this writing) and will be restocked as often as manufacturing capabilities allows.

-You can send in your Form 2 Tray, new or used, to be modified into a Z-Vat 2 and returned to you. Turnaround time for this service is eight business days or less.

Click here for the Z-Vat 2 and Z-Vat 2 Modification Service.

More details, including the advantages of printing with glass, is located on the product pages. You can also see our other Formlabs-compatible accessories, including Yellow Magic 7, the Z-Slip dust/light cover and PDMS re-coat services.

If you own a Form 2 but are are not interested in a Z-Vat 2, please note that we buy used/spent Form 2 resin trays. if you would like to sell us your used trays, please see our FAQ for more information.

Thank you,

Z-Vat Industries

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Hey Zack,

I’m wondering how long will Z-Vat 2 last in comparison with the regular resin tanks( will last typically for 2L of resin)?

The Z-Vat 2 uses a comparable PDMS coating, so the 2 Liters of resin is still accurate for the coating.

However, the main advantage of the glass is that it is extremely easy to clean, and thus it is easier to recoat the PDMS layer when it starts to wear. The tank itself should last indefinitely, and so you can continue to recoat your tray whenever the PDMS layer clouds over. It costs about $12 or less depending on which silicone brand you use.

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