Sell Us Your Used Form 2 Trays 🌈

Greetings All,

Just wanted to share that we have re-opened our Form 2 resin tray buy-back program. If you have used/spent trays that you were planning to discard I would like to compensate you to take them off your hands. Get a return on your investment and save some plastic from the landfill. it’s a win-win.

All information on sending in trays can be found here-

Thank you,


Z-Vat Industries

You say to “clean the tray with alcohol”. Isn’t that what destroys the orange plastic? Get a splash on the cover and it cracks.

Hi Walter, this is true with the original Form 1 trays which are made from acrylic but the Form 2 trays are made from polycarbonate (just like the sides of my Z-Vats) and are resistant to alcohol.

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Hey guys! Just wanted to hop in real quick! The Form 2 resin tanks absolutely should not be washed with IPA of any kind. If they need to be washed, a soft clothe and warm water is fine, but not alcohol.

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