Anyone using 3Dresyns Conceptual resin?


I am a product designer.

I bought some of the 3Dresyns CD (Conceptual Design) resin to try it - at only $53 for a litre I thought it worth a try. I have both the Form2 and the Wanhao D7. So far I have only tried it in the D7.

I am really pleased with the resin, it does exactly what they say, it allows me to print proof of concept prints very cheaply. When I am happy with how my new product looks, I move onto to more expensive resins with the mechanical properties needed for my design to function. Working this way has certainly saved me a lot in development cost.

Is anyone here using the resin in their Form2? I have a project which I need to show to a customer in the morning and need to print 4 proof of concept models by then - The Wanhao is so slow (7 hours to print out each one)… I am certain that the Formlabs is going to get things done much quicker, but I don’t have much time to sort out the settings for the resin. Can anyone help? I guess the fact that I have not had a response yet from 3Dresyns is explained by the fact that I only sent the email 4 hours ago and its a Sunday!!

Its likely that my customer will want changes in the design tomorrow - which makes me a little reluctant to simply print out the four proof of concept models in a more expensive resin just to throw them away after the changes possible at tomorrows meeting.

Thanks if anyone can help.



Could you give us a Feedback of using this resin in a Form 2?


Yes I can. Its now my preferred resin on the Form2 for printing proof of concept models for my customers, it works fantastically, it has good surface finish and is easy to use. Its cheap and allows me a low cost alternative to the more functional resins to help develop the part before moving onto the cost of more expensive functional resins. Now used nearly ten litres of it!!

Which settings do you use? LT Tank? Which profile?


I am using the settings that 3Dresyns suggested, Standard tank - Clear V2 settings in preform. It works very well. The bonus is that the tank was new and has only been used for the 3Dresyns CD resin and has lasted far in excess of Formlabs own resins, the PDMS is now getting cloudy, but that seems to be through the exposure to UV (outline of the supports visible in the PDMS) rather than the resin damaging it. Its due to be changed but I shall continue with a standard tank