Any experience with 3Dresyns?

Website at:
They say their resins are compatible with all the Form Labs printers:

No experience here but they offer a tuning material that might be useful for some of the other resins we’ve been trying.

Choose “any color, any material, any finish, any application and any SLA DLP & LCD 3D printer”


Will be ordering ASAP. At a quick glimpse, I am LOVING this company. They have so many different types of resins, and any color you want, also specialty resins like conductive and metal impregnated, all in normal sizes. To echo FredB, the fine tuning stuff is very cool looking, and we could probably use it with other resins as well. Great find @Alfredo_Sola!

Unless they formulate the resin specifically for Form2 then it’s likely not going to be as good as the Formlabs resins. If they’re trying to support many printers with the same resin then it’s not going to be great.

It appears as if they can sell you a fine tuning liquid based on your specific printer to add to their universal resins:

Just ordered a custom shade of “Hard Flexible” in a Kelly Green, RAL number 6018. I specified my printer as the Formlabs Form2, and now we wait.

This company’s business model sounds very promising, filling a long standing need.

What exactly does the fine tuning resin accomplish? Once you run some samples in it can you change the requested formulation on subsequent orders to ensure repeatability?

I’m afraid I might be missing the point.

Shame on me for not reading the product page first. That makes sense and is a smart little kit to sell. I suspect the tuning resin has a smaller process window so that defects show up sooner… It’s more or less a challenge resin, they are saying “If you can get your printer dialed in with this, all our other products should work fine.” Smart.

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Sounds promising. I have been looking for cheap alternatives to Formlabs resins and I hope this might be it.

I can’t wait for you guys to update us on how their resins fare on the Form 2.

I got a reply back last night.

They don’t currently sell blocker only so if the community starts ordering on a regular basis I would recommend requests for blocker only. This would be great for the Bucktown resin.

For our printers it’s probably best to use the type 1 tuning resin. It’s a bit less reactive than the type 2 and has a narrower light band.

I ordered a color kit and a variety pack with different resin types. Shipping is pretty brutal but if we order in batches might not be so bad. 3.5 liters of resin plus both types of tuning resin came out to a little over $600 shipped. Without the tuning resins it would have been about $475 ($135 per L).

They formulate the base resin based on your type of printer. The Form1 and Form2 base resins are a little different.

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The fine tuning stuff is something you would add to their resin to adjust the cure time (looks like adding it would speed up curing)

Which means, the resin isn’t formulated for the printer and you can try to improve results by adding some of that fine tuner to see if it helps.
A couple things though—first is that most often third party resins will cure faster than the Formlabs resin, if that’s the case then the fine tuner won’t help. The next thing is that whatever material preset you chose to use it with will affect the print as well and so you’d have to test both the fine tuner and the material presets and see if you get a good result. Good luck with that

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Actually, the resin IS formulated for the printer. Even between the Form 1 and 2.

The fine tuning additive is just a knob to turn for improvement. It’s just controlling the cure strength on the resin side instead of trying to get it to work on the software side (can’t currently be done on a Form 2).

Yes there will be some work to get the custom colors to print. But with tuning we can tune them all to work with a single resin profile (grey 02 for instance).

In any case we’ll see when the resin arrives. Should be plenty of posts in the 3rd party resins thread.


Is that on their website?

EDIT: n/m found it

Thanks for the clarification. Seems like I read the description and formed my own meaning based on what made sense in my head, not based on the actual product. This will be an interesting one to watch.[quote=“FredB, post:11, topic:13400”]
In any case we’ll see when the resin arrives. Should be plenty of posts in the 3rd party resins thread.

Be sure to link any review posts back to this thread for ultimate searchability!

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Any Update on this?

I’ve been working on buying a house and moving so I really haven’t done much past the early experiments.

The resins have worked well so far. I will say that the resins I tested are a little soft (flexible) but they are pretty tough.

I posted the ratios I used on the 3rd party thread here: Form 1 / 1+ / 2 3rd Party Resin Settings Master List

You will need both the FT1 and the blocker to make this resin work with the Formlabs. I used a small 3 or 4 mL part to tune things in. If you use pigment the light blocker can be reduced. You’ll still need a little to prevent excessive cure depth.

Has anyone tried to metal-impregnated resins from here?

Any more experiences with the other resins?

The metal and ceramic resins are on my list to try after I’m done moving.

Keep in mind that the materials need to be sintered before they’re functional (except one of the ceramics for molds)